Friday, 9 November 2007

On receiving my grotesque but equally exciting record cover for the L.P ‘Come to my surprise party’ I decided there and then that I wanted to promote this strange evidence of the 60’s and project on to it a new legacy for the 21st century. My initial idea was to create a campaign, but for what? What better way to do this then digitize this remarkable yet disturbing piece of album art. Here are some of the themes that were made apparent during this experiment:

  • Web Based Art Spaces: and the legitimacy of the Internet

  • Participation by the act of Non Participation: act of non action

  • Legacy and Longevity in the Digital Age

  • Enabling Constraints.

Experiment: Testing Art within the perimeters of the Internet

Aim: The original aim of the project was to set up a campaign to celebrate an1960’s band of which I had never heard of, but more importantly to create a new legacy for which the album art work would be accessible to a new audience. I then decided the easier way to promote and simultaneously extend the life of the object was to digitalize it, and place it in a digital sphere. The aim of this experiment was to see how this art project would be received within a non art space.

Method: To achieve this outcome I decided to create a fake event, and advertise it on the social networking site ‘Facebook’. I created an event, and indiscriminately invited all my facebook contacts to this event, all 223 people. The event details were the virtual constraints, which needed to be as ambiguous as possible as to blur boundaries between the real and the virtual. The only legitimate fact was that I, Taneesha Ahmed, was the creator of this event. The project is a time based piece, and the duration of the piece will be 72hours approximately.



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