Thursday, 8 November 2007

Taneesha, I attach pictures of a mountain and a molehill as you seem to be getting the two confused.

Emma told you on tuesday that tutors will be assigned when she's seen everyone. The structure is up to you, that's the point of being in the third year of a fine art degree. In the end you have to make the decisions yourself about where and how you start and how you proceed, just as you do with your practice. Everything is in your control, you own your work!

Simon Lewandowski

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

University of Leeds.

On 7 Nov 2007, at 22:52, Taneesha Ahmed wrote:

Simon, I know this isnt youre module. but im having a night mare situation- i have been finding have the lack of structure really difficult. and im getting increasingly stressed out about how to go about doing this module- not what has to be done- but the process of it all.

To be fair, i feel like i have a good understanding of the module- but its really hard to articulate what this is- without really having any foundation/ structure and to build up on this. Some of the seminars and the tutorials have been really helpful - but im still really lost. I feel like i havent got a starting point, and im trying to start too many things all at one go, without really knowing what im doing, and why im doing it. I have set myself some questions, and have some reading- but cannot seem to pull out the relevant information into writing- etc. I thought that i would be able to handle this better- but im just feel over whelmed completely by the sheer task of this. I also do not know yet who my practice in context tutor will be and I am worried about this, im not sure why, im just worried i suppose about the variable outcomes of what could or could not be achieved, and who out of all the staff will be able to help me realize the potential of what i am doing- despite the fact this is out of my control.

over and out. Taneesha. x

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